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In the past decade, watchmaking has seen a significant shift. From highly technical developments, which require large, bulky cases, to smaller, more compact, watches that tell time in a more discrete and personalized way. This has led to a change in both the types of complications and the techniques used in their manufacture.

Enameling is experiencing a massive revival on the artistic side of watches.Swiss Replica Watches The enameling styles are being passed on to the next generation, not only by newer enamel artists but also by younger ones.

The Red Robin Songbird and Hummingbird Songbirds from the Les Cabinotiers models for 2020.

Geneva's watchmakers have embraced this revival with great enthusiasm, since Geneva is where these arts were traditionally flourished. The oldest watchmaker in continuous history, Les Cabinotiers, is presenting a unique collection featuring four songbirds.

Christian Selmoni, who spoke to us about the watches,patek philippe replica watches also presented a collection of unique pieces late last year.

The Songbirds of rolex day date replica

rolex day date replica's caliber 1120AT dragging hours or, as it is better known by URWERK fans, a satellite display, solves the problem of enamel dials that are battling with the display of the time for attention.

rolex day date replica' caliber 1120AT, front and rear views. This shows how the satellite display functions.