1745: Dutch Peter Van Musschenbroek made the Leiden Jar that static electric
between metal sticks inside a jar that is full of water. Leiden Jar is the first capasitor
that’s ever made.


    ATEL ELEKTRİK San. Tic. Ltd. Şti. Shows activity in our country or foregin land espicially in RUSSIA and TURKMENISTAN at these sectors; metal, Textile, Glass, Cement Work Centers, Hospitals and other healt centers, Education Buildings, Sport Complex Animal Farms, Culture and Congress Centers and other facilities that need energy.

36kV Orta Gerilim Trafo.

    36Kv Medium Voltage Transformer Systems

    All the electrical Works of Medium Voltage Switching facilities, Power transformer associated with the facility, Metal-Clad, Supplyng and montaging of Metal-Enclosed Cells, Electrical designing of the facility , all of the scada systems regerding to the facility.

0,4kV Alçak Gerilim .

    Turn key 0,4 Kv Low Voltage Systems

   All the electrical works associated with, 0.4 Kv of the facilities projecting, designing manufacturing and montaging the primary and secondary low voltage panels, Electrical designing of the facility, all of the systems to the facility.

Animal Farms Electrification

    Animal Farms Electrification

    Making the transformer systems of the Animal Farms and store equiqments, enlightening machine electrification, projecting, designing and montaging.

Kablolama ve Kablo Taşıyıcı Sistemler.

    Cabling and cable partner systems

    Cabling the energy wires underground and overground, Galvanize cable canals required   for cabling the wires overground, Supplying,; projecting and montaging of the  cable ladders and accesories.

Bus-Bar Sistemleri.

    Bus-Bar Systems

    Transporting, projecting and montaging the energy that comes from the low voltage panel to sections inside the facility via using the Bus-Bar systems.

Aydınlatma Armatürleri ve Ekipmanları.

    Enlightening armatures and equiqments

    Drawing the enlightening projects associated with the facilites,chosing the suitable armatures and montaging these armatures by appropriate methots.

Yangın Alarm ve Güvenlik Sistemleri.

    Fire Alarm and Security Systems

    Projecting and montaging the fire and security systems of the facility.



    Earthing and projecting of High,Medium and Low Voltage facilities .

Otomasyon Sistemleri- SCADA.

    Energy Management and Transformer centered qutomqtion Systems-SCADA to use this energy econoically and SCADA systems.

    Energy management and Transformer centered aotumation systems - SCADA watching the electrical energy of the facility, producing solutions to use this energy economically and properly, controlling all sectors of the facility by using automation and SCADA systems.

DCS ve PLC Tabanlı Otomasyon Sistemleri.

    DCS and PLC based automation systems.


Motor Kontrol Merkezleri (MCC).

   Motor Control Centers (MCC)


MAC ve DC Hız Kontrol Sistemleri ve Panoları.

   AC and DC Spend Control Systems and Panels


Acil Güç Sistemleri.

   Emergny Power Systems


UPS Sistemleri.

   UPS Systems


Jeneratör Sistemleri.

   Genarotor Systems