- Bus-Bar Systems

- Low Voltage Systems

- Medium Voltage Transformer Systems

- Relay, Measurement and Control Panels

- High Voltage Stepdown Transformer

Switching Facilities

- Transformer Centered Automation Systems

- Cabling and Cable Parter Systems...

36Kv Medium Voltage Transformer Systems

picture   All the electrical Works of Medium Voltage Switching facilities, Power transformer associated with the facility, Metal-Clad, Supplyng and montaging of Metal-Enclosed Cells, Electrical designing of the facility , all of the scada systems regerding to the facility.

Turn key 0,4 Ku Low Voltage Systems

picture    All the electrical works associated with, 0.4 Kv of the facilities projecting, designing manufacturing and montaging the primary and secondary low voltage panels, Electrical designing of the facility, all of the systems to the facility.

Cabling and cable partner systems

picture    Cabling the  energy  wires underground and  overground, Galvanize cable canals      required   for cabling the  wires  overground,   Supplying,  projecting  and  montaging of the   cable ladders  and    accesories.

Bus-Bar Systems

picture   Transporting, projecting and montaging the energy that comes from the low voltage panel to sections inside the facility via using the Bus-Bar systems.

Enlightening armatures and equiqments

picture    Drawing the enlightening projects associated with the facilites,chosing the suitable armatures and montaging these armatures by appropriate methots.

Animal Farms Electrification

pictureMaking the transformer systems of the Animal Farms and store equiqments,enlightening machine electrification,projecting,designing and montaging.